Very Exciting News!

Here’s some very exciting news– a new novel! Actually, I feel like this PW rights report can explain it better:

Oh…did you think that A NEW YA NOVEL was all the news I had up my sleeve? Well these here are wizard sleeves, they contain multitudes of, um, news.

Also, did you see that last part? The part about a MOVIE DEAL for The Beginning of Everything? I know. I’m dead. DEAD. The producers are amazing and completely get the story (also, fun fact: literally everyone involved in making this movie has a PhD–except for me. It’s like a confluence of film-making academics got together all clutching little blue copies of TBoE, and my heart has never been so happy.). Also, I’m writing the screenplay. Okay, I already wrote the screenplay, and then I wrote a second draft of said screenplay, and then the director got his hands on it…and, anyway, the point is, I’m actually somewhat involved with the potential making of this movie, which is just bananas. Dr. Bananas, because everyone else has a PhD? Or would that be Drs. Bananas?

So that was the most exciting paragraph of my life, pretty much. Hmm, what can I tell you about my next book, Invisible Ghosts? That it’s coming out June 5. That it’s a supernatural romance, except it reads like a coming of age novel. That there’s an annoying, Netflix-addicted ghost. That there are Hamilton references. And kissing. And the love interest is an incredibly hot half-Filipino art history nerd who is also, possibly, a reluctant teen exorcist. I might be making that last part up. Or I might be completely serious. I suppose you’ll just have to wait until June to find out.