Links To Check Out #1

A roundup of some intriguing things I’ve found online lately.

Common Venmo Charges Decoded (from The New Yorker) Such a clever storytelling format!

An Eater’s Guide To Los Angeles (from Eater LA) Tried Tacos Leo from their recommendation on Saturday and hands down it was the best carnitas I’ve ever had.

On why celebrating POC in entertainment shouldn’t be exceptional, but should be the norm (via Shondaland)

Adding this Harry Potter themed cafe in Hong Kong to my bucket list.

Loving this tough-looking laptop bag from & Other Stories.

Ezra Faulkner would totally want all of these vintage canes with hidden features (via Mental Floss)

Damn you, CBS All Access, Star Trek Discovery is so so good. If only it didn’t require a subscription after episode 2.

Relevant to the book I was working on in France, you can now digitally explore a thousand year old illustrated manuscript of medicinal herbs and plants.

A great piece on the current state of activism, and why we need to show up and organize, especially when it’s not personal (via Shondaland)

Have you seen American Vandal on Netflix yet? It’s a hilariously insightful mockumentary series set in a California high school after a student is expelled for spray painting 27 dicks on 27 cars in the faculty lot– and claims he didn’t do it. Also, my delightful friend Ari is an executive producer so heyyyyy, well done, buddy.