Day Trip To Palm Springs

January 12, 2017

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? It’s such a charming, strange place–almost stuck in time from the 1960’s. Daniel and I drove out there this past weekend for his studio retreat, and I documented our adventures:

Had to stop and say hi to the dinosaurs!

Rode around on his boss’ golf cart clearly not golfing and most definitely annoying everyone who actually was.

Unofficial Palm Springs golf cart architecture tour

Tiny Joshua trees that mostly reminded me of Westworld

Picked some oranges, grapefruit and lemons for breakfast with a very pointy stick.

Like lacrosse, but with eating!

Everyone was very nervous whenever I picked up the citrus stick. OMG I AM NOT THAT UNCOORDINATED OK

Triumphant bag of citrus

Had to poke around some vintage stores and see if we could find some cool art

A lot of weird nude art that we definitely didn’t buy. Although… that giant bronze dolphin in the back right corner… OMG why didn’t we buy that?! (kidding. maybe.)

Stopped off at Elmer’s for their dutch pancake. 10/10 would pancake every day

Hit the road just in time for a really good sunset over the wind turbines.

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