Robyn’s literary agent

Merrilee Heifetz



Robyn’s film agent (screenwriting & book-to-film)

Dana Spector



Robyn’s TV agent (TV writing)

Ellie Schiff



Publicity inquiries

Paul Crichton


( Like most creatures of the internet, I tend to spend far too much time on twitter and instagram, so those are great places to check what I’m up to and say hi.  )

Or, to contact me directly, via email–which I am very, very bad and very, very slow at answering because I’m supposed to use capital letters and can’t imbed GIFs–please fill in this form–

NOTE: Hiiiii I’m very sorry, but I cannot answer your time-sensitive questions for a school report. If that’s why you’ve come to this page, you can probably find enough information on my FAQ page for you to complete your assignment. The Beginning of Everything and Extraordinary Means are on almost a dozen state reading lists. Please try to imagine the volume of emails I receive from students. Feel free to show your teacher this note on my website if your grade is at all dependent upon a personal email reply from me.

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